• What phones work on SIMPLE Mobile 4G?

SIMPLE Mobile supports plenty of 4G devices including the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC One S, HTC myTouch 4G, HTC myTouch 4G Slider, HTC G2, Samsung Sidekick 4G, LG G2X, HTC Sensation 4G, BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Torch 9860, Google Galaxy Nexus, HTC Amaze 4G, HTC HD7, as well as other 4G capable devices that operate on the 1700 band.

  • Do your phones have character recognition capabilities?

Yes. Most of our phones have character recognition. This feature varies by model. Please refer to the user’s guide for details.

  • Where can I purchase a tablet?

To browse a selection of tablets from our e-tailers, visit our phone store and select your favorite brands.

  • I have a 3G iPad, will it work with the Wireless Broadband Plan?

Yes, but it will only receive EDGE data speeds and will require a micro SIM card. You can purchase your Micro SIM Card here.

  • Are SIMPLE Mobile Phones hearing aid compatible?

For a complete list of Hearing Aid Compatible phones from SIMPLE Mobile, click here.

  • What phones work on SIMPLE Mobile 3G?

Phones with 1700 AWS band work on our 3G network. This includes many of the most popular phones available.

  • Can I use my own phone with SIMPLE Mobile’s service?

Absolutely! With the SIMPLE Mobile service you can use any compatible or unlocked GSM phone – including smart phones.  If you have an unlocked GSM phone all you have to do is make sure it operates on our compatible frequencies and we will set you up.

  • Can I use my own tablet with SIMPLE Mobile’s service?

Yes, if the tablet has a SIM card slot it should work. It will need the 1700/AWS band to work on our 3G/4G network.

  • What is the difference between “Approved” and “Unsupported” Phones?

There are over 1500 different devices currently in use by SIMPLE Mobile customers. We can only test and approve some portion of those. “Approved” devices are those devices that we have tested with SIMPLE Mobile and which have been found to work consistently with few problems. These are devices for which we offer network support. “Unsupported” devices are other GSM devices that we have either not tested or which were designed to work on other networks. While these phones usually are compatible with SIMPLE Mobile and are in use on our network, we do not offer full support on these devices. Often, some features of unsupported devices, such as high speed data, are not available with SIMPLE Mobile.


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