-Q’S & A’S-

Do I need to sign a contract?

Nope. SIMPLE MOBILE  does not believe in contracts. All of our plans are prepaid. Find the right plan for you on our plans page.

Do you charge an activation fee?

Simple Mobile does charge a $25.00 activation fee.

How long does my monthly plan run for?

Your monthly plan is good for 30 days from activation or your monthly recharge date. Monthly recharge takes place at 12:00 AM Pacific Time each night. If you activate your plan on June 1st, then it will be good through June 30th and renew on July 1st at 12:00 AM Pacific.

We will send you SMS reminders ahead of your renewal date.

How can I pay my monthly bill?

There are several ways you can pay your monthly service charge:

  • Online: You can pay online via credit card by logging into your account. Look for the Recharge link in the left menu.
  • In Stores:  You can use cash to instantly recharge your monthly plan by visiting any of our retailers that offer recharge.11750 SOUTH HIGHWAY 6 SUGARLAND TEXAS 77498.
  • Over The Phone: You can use an Airtime Recharge Card or your credit card to recharge your plan over the phone. Dial from your mobile  1-877-878-7908 to recharge by phone.

Can I set my plan up to renew automatically?

Yes. If you enter your credit card on our website, you can have your plan renew each month automatically.

What happens if I do not renew my plan on time?

If you do not pay your bill before your renewal date, we will suspend your account. When your account is suspended you will not be able to make or receive calls or SMS and you will not be able to use data. Emergency calls to 911 and calls to our 611 customer care line will still work.

How long will my account be in suspend if I don’t pay my bill?

You have 30 days to make your payment after your account goes into suspend. After 30 days, we cannot guarantee that your number will still be assigned to your account. After 60 days, your number will  be hard deleted from our system and not retrievable.


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